Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fox You

We interrupt our daily UP Writers Workshop broadcast for an important announcement: there's a new book company on the block! They're launching the line next Monday, April 14. (Click on the image above for a bigger version of the poster.) Fox Books: "quality literature for quality readers," they declare. These don't look like your typical 'literary' titles, however -- so they're screwing with your expectations, as any enterprise involving Adam David is bound to do. (Hi, Adam!) Anyway, looks interesting.

Funny fact: the latest entry on the Fox Books blog is a letter from Jun Balde, on Fox Books: "malaking improvement ito, hindi lamang sa kaayusan ng pagsulat ng mga kuwento, [kundi] sa anyo at sa pagiging attractive sa mambabasa [rin], kung ikumpara sa mga libro ng precious pages at psicom. " And Jun Balde, unless this is a different Jun Balde, happens to be one of my fellow fellows this week at the UP workshop. Whatta coinkydink.

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Adam said...

Izzle tizzle izzle tizzle sizzle Jizzle Bazzle, Lizzle. Thizzle fizzle tizzle shizzle-ozzle!