Monday, June 30, 2008

J.G. Jones: Comics' Most Wanted

Hey, check it out: the first issue of the free, freshly-redesigned official Fully Booked magazine! (Or, The Magazine Formerly Known as 'In Print'.) The cover doesn't really look like that, btw. I 'negatived' it, because I think it looks cool that way, and because this is my blog and I'll do what I want. (Not that the real cover doesn't look cool.) If your computer can display .pdf files, go HERE right now to read it. If your computer can't display .pdf files, I feel sorry for you.

Lotsa good stuff, such as articles by Yvette Tan (yay!), Cris Ramos Jr, and Tals Diaz on subjects like Kurt Cobain, the Kindle, and other things that do not necessarily begin with the letter K. (Fellow typography geeks will love Miguel Mari's "Top 10 Letters of the Alphabet and the Font They Look Best In.")

And yes, the cover story is by yours truly. Probably the best assignment I've gotten in recent memory: to interview comics creator J.G. Jones himself. (Thank you thank you to Editor-in-Chief Gabbie!) The very thought still sends me into paroxysms of fanboy glee. :D My favorite bit: when he talked about his upcoming creator-owned projects. They sounds inneresting.

FULLY BOOKED: Tell us more about the creator-owned projects that you're planning to do.

J.G. JONES: I need to finish Final Crisis so that I can quit talking about it and just do the thing. Both are period pieces, but about five hundred years apart. One is a horror thing and the other is more of a thriller. No spandex, I'm afraid. I also have worked out an adventure story set in the 80's and an idea I'm working on that involves a lot of religion and weird physics. We'll see how that goes.


Thor said...

Holy crap, Luis! Holy effing crap. Just babbling here. J.G. effing Jones makes me babble. The idea of someone I know having a conversation with JG makes me babble more.

Luis K. said...

Hi Thor! Great to 'see' you again. :)

J.G. Jones rocks. And I'm loving Final Crisis. :) (And I think that Secret Invasion sucks ass except for the L. Yu art.)

Thor said...

Right there with you! Final Crisis reads better, more ominous than at your face. And loving those covers! Batman R.I.P. is also better than Secret Invasion. Skrully Stark is the easy way out, not much of a surprise there.

Luis K. said...

"Skrully Stark is the easy way out, not much of a surprise there."

True, true! Although the way they've written it so far, they seem to be indicating that Stark isn't a skrull after all... but I find myself not caring much in either case.

Batman RIP threw me a bit with the ZUR EN ARRH but then a little 'net research cleared stuff up for me. ;p Morrison needs a less... conventional artist to really shine though.

But Final Crisis, wow. I almost want to avoid it for five months just so I can sit down and read everything in one go. ;)