Wednesday, July 02, 2008

If You Like Lists

So Entertainment Weekly magazine has hit the 1000th-issue mark, and to celebrate, they're featuring what they call "the New Classics" -- in other words, the "1000 best movies, TV shows, albums, books and more of the last 25 years."

Since this is EW we're talking about, the lists are a little more, shall we say, populist (ha ha, popu-lists, get it? I slay me) than you might expect from anything with the word "classics." The Breakfast Club, Spider-Man 2, and Back to the Future all make the Movies list, for example -- which I think is great. (But WHAT?! No Ferris Bueller?) And over in the Books list, both High Fidelity and Bright Lights, Big City make the grade (and I admit, I thoroughly enjoyed both books, though I wouldn't have ranked the latter so much higher than the former).

The people over at Newsarama are happy, of course, that there are so many comics and comics-related properties mentioned in this special issue. Meanwhile, over at Vulture, they cite "The Ten Most Head-Slapping Pairings in the EW New Classics Lists."

Oh, and speaking of comics, I haven't read through the whole issue yet, but much as I enjoy lists, I'm willing to bet that the best thing in the magazine is a comic -- this comic, to be precise, by Alison Bechdel. "If you really want your children to read something, for God's sake keep it to yourself!"


wysgal said...

I adore lists. And I often use them as as guide to what I choose to spend my time reading, watching, listening to. With over 1000 entries though (and with some categories topping off at 100 entries each) I suspect this wasn't more about being particularly exclusive but rather all-inclusive. Still, a lot of this stuff I grew up with in the 80s and 90s ... so it's a lovely walk through time.

Luis K. said...

Hi wysgal! :)

100 items is a lot -- and yet
they still didn't have room for Groundhog Day, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, anything by Hal Hartley... ;p Still, lots of fun lists to click through and nostalgicate (I made up a word) about, as you said. :)