Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gaze Upon These Comics And Weep -- Or Laugh, As The Case May Be

"God, why is Napoleon eating cookies so funny?" These, and many other questions you have never thought of, are addressed in an online collection of utterly hilarious, wonderfully drawn comics with subjects that range from family and friends and childhood to fishing and dancing and pooping. You must go to now and thank me later after you laugh your ass off. (My favorite sections are "Maybe It's a Journal," "People and Places" and "Nonsense.") My thanks to, where I first read about Ms. Beaton and her comics.

Beaton has made a name for herself doing funny comics based on historical fact, and those are great, but my favorites are the little personal and/or nonsensical ones (see: the magnificent Kate Beaton Stop Being So Hard On Yourself), the stuff involving writers, and anything and everything to do with Pope John Paul.

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