Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Whose iPod Would You Steal?

So Indira and I were talking about Fascist Fridays at Cubao, when she admitted that "I'd love to steal Quark's iPod." (Watch out, Quark!) As I had previously been unaware of my friend's penchant for larceny, I asked why. "'Cause I'm sure it would have lots of great stuff on it," she replied. Ah, I thought... Makes sense! So who else would have an eminently steal-able personal mp3 player? "I'd steal Myrene's too," Indira said. "I'm not sure if she has one yet, though."

As for myself, I'd probably steal Toti Dalmacion's. Never met the guy, but whenever he's profiled in a magazine and he lists his current listening choices, I always notice shared obsessions: XTC, Prefab Sprout, and the like. And hey, his record label's roster includes Drip and Juan Pablo Dream!

I even have a copy of Mr. Dalmacion's 'wedding album'. When I was living in an apartment on Manigo Street next to my friend G (and below my friend Kidlat), I overheard her blasting song after great-sounding song one summer afternoon. I wandered over and asked her what she was playing, and it turned out to be a mix CD given away to guests at the Dalmacion-Alfonso nuptials. She got me a copy, for which I am grateful to this day. Lots of good, happy-romantic stuff on it: Prefab Sprout, Terry Hall, Lighting Seeds, even Spiral Staircase. I imagine his iPod would contain 40 gigs more of the same.

Other people whose iPods I would steal, off the top of my head: Robyn Lee, whose recommendations I always enjoy, and Marcus Nada, who was always listening to something cool (and usually obscure, and more often than not hip-hoppy) in the office.

Whose iPod would you steal? :)


Robyn said...


Luis K. said...

Heh heh. :) Sadly, Robyn, I don't even have an iPod for you to steal. ;p Maybe someday!

Karlo said...

would you believe that Toti Dalmacion doesn't have an iPod? At least not yet. And I don't think even a 60 gig iPod could contain all his 50,000 albums, even ripped at the lowest sampling rate.

Luis K. said...

Hi Karlo! :) So TD doesn't have an iPod yet, eh? But when he does... (Rubs hands together evilly)

indie said...

the contributor is right, toti dalmacion's iPOD would contain lots and lots of good music... caution: contains very good music. hold on to your auditory system!