Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Something to Sing About

Hey Kristine, too bad you couldn't be at the Awit Awards last Thursday. It went pretty well, and as a fellow judge (and alleged music expert), it was nice to feel like one had contributed to the whole affair -- except perhaps during the numerous, inexplicable and lengthy pauses during the program, which I suppose were meant to correspond to commercial breaks in the soon-to-be televised version. A couple of pix I snapped:

Session Road at the Awit Awards. The lovely Hannah Romawac’s cleavage has been blurred for the sake of those of our readers with delicate, easily frazzled sensibilities, assuming we have any.

South Border triumphant. They now have enough Awit Awards to start their own awards ceremony show, if they wish. Or to melt down and resculpt into a 1:1 scale model of the late Ike Lozada.

Commentary and a list of winners are at Philmusic.

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