Tuesday, June 21, 2005


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Happy birthday, dear blog. Happy birthday, dear blog. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday dear blog!

Hard to believe that it's been exactly a year since we started this thing, Kristine. As I recall, it was originally supposed to be a lengthy article about our past and current listening habits, with a back-and-forth epistolary thing going -- kind of like a cross between At the Movies with David and Sarah and Nick Hornby's 31 Songs. (Incidentally, note how in that Observer article on 31 Songs, the ostensibly literate Alain de Botton completely disregards the instructions and lists an entire album instead of a single favorite song. Oh well, who can blame him: it's The Sundays, after all). Somehow that idea evolved into this ongoing, anything-goes, nonprofit thing. Which is fine, except for the nonprofit part.

Anyway, here's to our blog, and here's to music in all its forms, except the bad ones. As Fran Lebowitz wrote in Metropolitan Life, "There are two kinds of music -- good music and bad music. Good music is music that I want to hear. Bad music is music that I don't want to hear."

For more Lebowitz wit, by the way, there's a great interview here. Also, would like to wish a slightly belated happy birthday to Joelle and JB, music-lovers and excellent human beings both. :)

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