Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Something to Do

If you find yourself wandering in the vicinity of a friendly neighborhood newsstand tomorrow -- Wednesday, May 11, 2005 to be exact (also known as today, for you morning blog-readers) -- you really should pick up a copy of the Manila Bulletin. Depending on your inclinations and needs, there may or may not be any number of good reasons to pick up the Bulletin on any given day, but tomorrow sees the debut of

The King of Nothing to Do
a regular column by Luis Katigbak

(that's me). Look for it in their funky new "i" section. I describe it as being like "a pleasant ongoing conversation, about such things as writing, books, music, films, and pop culture -- except that I'll be doing all the talking." Fun, eh? The first installment is entitled "Essential Distractions: on writing, death threats, and talking to strangers." Grab a copy and enrich your inner lives. Or at least have something with which you can wrap fish.


Robyn said...

I wannit!

Luis K. said...

And all you have to do is fly over here to the Philippines! :D Heh heh. Maybe someday. Thanks, Robyn. I'll mail a copy to you. :)

Dean said...

Hey, hey! Kudos!

Luis K. said...

Thanks Dean! :)

joelle said...

Aaaaaw, I missed the first issue! I'll check it out this Wednesday, promise. Miss you, Luis!