Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Wittgenstein Says

This cheered me up; brought back some good memories. Oh, to be young and aimless again! Wait, I'm still aimless. Also great to be considered a music guru of course, blush blush, despite solid evidence to the contrary. Thanks, Lala. :)

Last Saturday, Yvette and I attended the launch of Mango Jam, a bimothly manga-style comics anthology featuring four ongoing stories. Congrats to Kristine, Cyan and Jovan, who all slaved away on it: good work, guys! I loved Kristine's Mish, Chief in particular -- featuring a lovably megalomaniacal high school newspaper editor and an underage mad scientist, it's very funny and very cute, much like Kristine herself.

My Sunday was spent at The Fort, at the MTV Philippines headquarters. As the sole scriptwriter for Becoming MTV Famous, the first MTV VJ Hunt 2005 Special, I was hanging around at the shoot in case instant script changes or repairs were needed. The finalists for this year's VJ hunt were all there, as well as mainstay hosts KC and Sarah; the high point of my day was witnessing Sarah Meier recite Wittgenstein from memory, for a sequence I wrote where she and KC debate philosophy. As you've probably guessed, I had loads of fun writing that script -- can't wait to see the special, which airs on MTV on February 5. Anyone curious about this year's crop of finalists for the VJ hunt should tune in. WATCH! the VJs-to-be, stumbling about cutely like newborn foals. SEE! KC and Sarah go places they aren't supposed to go. LEARN! a thing or two about Procopio Dipangkaraniwan, titleholder of the Guinness World Record for Man with the Largest Ass.

As for my Monday, I spent it seesawing between mild depression and happy anticipation, two states that are not unfamiliar to me, but which don't often crop up in the same day, much less in an alternating sequence minute by minute.

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Aw waaw! A link :) Thanks Mr. K!