Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Now That You've Disappeared

Not the biggest Manic Street Preachers fan (that should be Margie), but I did remember that yesterday marked the 10th year anniversary of Richey Edwards' disappearance. I remember reading about it in Rolling Stone back then; I followed the story closely afterwards, not because I was particularly concerned about the band, but because the idea of disappearing intrigued me. Not death--hello, that would be so goth kaya--but disappearance. To be nowhere forever, to have everyone wonder where you are, to see you everywhere. It's a very cruel way to go.

From NME's archives:


    Police fear for the safety of MANIC STREET PREACHERS guitarist Richey Edwards, who has not been seen since February 1. The whereabouts of Edwards, who has a long history of dysfunctional behaviour, were still unknown as NME went to press on Monday (February 20).

Police discovered his car abandoned at Auste Service Station, near the Severn Bridge, on Friday, February 17.

Richey walked out of the Embassy Hotel, in Bayswater Road, west London, at 7am on February 1 leaving behind medication, toiletries and a packed suitcase. It is thought he had over £2,000 cash with him. Detectives believe that he drove to his home in Cardiff Bay where he left his credit cards, passport and Prozac – which had been prescribed to combat his long term depression.

Richey disappeared on the day he was due to fly to America for a week long promotional tour with Manics’ singer James Dean Bradfield.

Manics’ bassist Nicky Wire added: "If Richey does not want to come back then that is fine. We just want him to give us a call. We are genuinely worried. He has never disappeared like this before."

[Richey's] father Graham added: "Please make contact with us Richey. Everybody is very worried about you."


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M said...

Thanks for remembering and for reminding us and for Everything.

"it makes me angry and ashamed but really alive
it may have worked but at what price"
--No Surface All Feeling