Tuesday, February 01, 2005

How Old Were You When John Lennon Died?

Hey, look, Luis! A site that calculates your age in Top 40 terms. We're about 42 years younger than Yoko Ono and 7 years older than Britney Spears. This grounding in pop culture terms feels...I don't know, historic and final and definite, among other things. If nothing else, it should reassure us that if we're getting older, than so is the rest of the world. And some, not as gracefully as others (hello, Britney Spears, b. 1981).

You said your birthday is 11 / 18 / 1974
which means you are 30 years old and about:
41 years 9 months younger than Yoko Ono, age 71
33 years 6 months younger than Bob Dylan, age 63
31 years 4 months younger than Mick Jagger, age 61
29 years 8 months younger than Eric Clapton, age 59
26 years 6 months younger than Stevie Nicks, age 56
19 years 1 month younger than David Lee Roth, age 49
16 years 3 months younger than Madonna, age 46
12 years 9 months younger than Jon Bon Jovi, age 42
7 years 8 months younger than Billy Corgan, age 37
4 years 8 months younger than Mariah Carey, age 34
0 years 6 months younger than Alanis Morissette, age 30
7 years 0 months older than Britney Spears, age 23

and when these songs were topping the charts
and these events occurred your age was:
Silly Love Songs, Wings: 1
Elvis Presley Dies: 2
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Rod Stewart: 4
Another Brick in the Wall, Pink Floyd: 5
John Lennon is shot to death: 6
MTV makes its debut: 6
Who Can it be Now, Men at Work: 7
The recording of We Are The World: 10
Walk Like an Egyptian, Bangles: 12
Didn't We Almost have it all, Whitney Houston: 12
Back In The U.S.S.R. is released exclusively in Russia: 14
Nothing Compares 2 U, Sinead O'Connor: 15
Emotions, Mariah Carey: 16
Fleetwood Mac perform at Bill Clinton's inauguration: 18
The Sign, Ace Of Base: 19
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opens: 20

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markmomukhamo said...

thanks for reminding me that I'm now part of the establishment ('never trust anyone above 30'). :(
speaking of john and yoko, we made pilgrimage of
sorts to dakota apartments:


congrats on the launch of Mango Jam, kf!