Friday, February 04, 2005

Gigs and Gifts

So tonight there are at least three gigs worth going to: at 6underground on C. Palanca in Makati, Kjwan, Sundown Muse, The Late Isabel, The Mongols and a buncha other people are playing. And over at Saguijo Cafe, there's Drip, Sound, Caliph8, and the Milagros Dancehall Collective. Finally, lest we forget, Last Full Show at Big Sky Mind, with Pedicab, Boldstar, Itchyworms, etc. The hell. Personally, I'm very curious about the Milagros Dancehall Collective; for months I've been meaning to see them play. I hear many good things about them (and not just from my cousin Carlos, formerly of Brownman Revival and now a member of the Collective). But I always enjoy Sundown Muse too. And it's been a while since I watched the Itchyworms. And, hey... PEDICAB!! Not to mention Drip, and Boldstar. And Kjwan. Dammit. You guys seem to be leaning towards the 6underground gig tho, so I guess that might be the deciding factor.

Yesterday, I was at the Quezon City Central Post Office, to pick up a mysterious package. The little pink claim card they sent me didn't mention who it was from, nor what it was, so I went there just hoping it wasn't anthrax or a severed head or anything (though now that I think of it, a severed head would have given me material for Se7en spoofs for days to come. "What's in the booooox?!").

I was as happy as a bunny on ecstasy to find out what it really was: a package from my wonderful overseas friend Robyn, that contained a letter, the new Nick Cave album (a lovely 2cd set in a clothbound slipcase), a mix CD of her favorite songs from 2004, a copy of Filter magazine, and -- woo hoo! -- Adventures in Poofyville! All the Poofy strips (up to a point), complete with author commentary and other 'DVD-like extras'! As one reader said, "This comic has not only reinvigorated the twitch in my left ear, it has jet-propelled my everyday life into one 273% more predisposed to squishy bunny-rabbit joy." Robyn, I am overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity and talent and good taste (I love the songs on the mix CD!) and coolness and amazingness and warped sense of humor and etcetera. You are the best. :) Thank you so very much.

Poofy is bunnyesque fun for everyone! Or, as another reader wrote, "Demons... demons inside me."

PS. I wrote a review of sorts, of Mango Jam. One thing I wanted to clear up, for everyone who read it: it's not Cyan's fault that her segment turned out incomprehensible. The script had been 'mangled beyond recognition,' as one staffer put it. They cut out character intros, captions, and basically anything that might have made it any good. Hope the error will be corrected next issue. :)

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Robyn said...

I'm so glad you got the package! I don't even remember when I mailed it out...eek. Just glad it got there in one piece and that you like the CD and poofy things and such. :D WEEE MUUUSIC!