Saturday, February 12, 2005

Stop It, Hollywood

Okay, there's nothing music-related about this post, but I just felt the need to comment on the fact that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are going to star in a remake of the lovely Korean film Il Mare. Leave Il Mare alone, Hollywood! Or at least don't cast two people who are best seen together in a bus wired with explosives hurtling towards certain doom while Dennis Hopper cackles maniacally somewhere. I love Il Mare, with its postcard-pretty scenes, swoony cinematography, and restrained yet almost-giddy romance; yeah, I'm a sap. It was one of the first Korean films I ever saw, and it's still quite possibly my favorite. Or is My Sassy Girl my favorite? Whatever. Something with Jun Ji-hyun, anyway. Oh wait, I just thought of something music-related to add to this entry. Il Mare, as good a film as it is, would have been a lot better without that stupid, piano-based, retch-inducingly-sung ballad polluting its soundtrack. There.


spidergrrl said...

Hey, Luis! Thanks for posting that website on Il Mare. I stumbled across a site featuring that movie years ago and I've been wracking my brains looking for it since then. Cheers!

Berger said...
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Berger said...

Oy. a kindred il mare fan. wow!