Monday, April 17, 2006

Feel the BURN

I like this photo, because it makes me look like I'm slightly taller than Marcus. I'm not.

It's been a little over a week since BURN magazine hit the stands, and we've been getting very encouraging feedback via texts and some of the mailing lists. :) We're hard at work on the second issue now, and we'd really like to hear more from you guys -- reactions, questions, suggestions, offers of money, obscene limericks, etc. How else are we going to put up a Letters page for the second ish? ;p

We haven't set up an official BURN email addy yet, but in the meantime, you can post something on this blog, or send me something at thekingofnothingtodo at yahoo dot com :)


klara said...

hello kristine and luis!

i was finally able to get a copy of the magazine, and i love it! i haven't finished reading it yet (kasi i don't want to be done with it yet..), pero i love the articles on TBP, UDD, and the itchyworms. :D

haven't listened to the CD as well, but will do later.


Robyn said...

I haven't read your mag, but I know it's awesome.

Luis K. said...

Yehey! So glad you're enjoying the first issue of BURN, Klara. :) And thanks, Robyn! Will try to send you a copy soon. :)

The Carbon Fibre Lollipop said...

what about pulp and mtv asia?

surely three is too much?..or surely the market is too small?