Wednesday, March 01, 2006

State of Emergency

"I've always said every time I hear calls for this country to finally come together that this country has never had any problems uniting. It has done so repeatedly and, as in the case of the two Edsa People Power uprisings, completely resplendently. Unfortunately, as the case of the two Edsa revolts also shows, Filipinos find it a lot easier to unite in fighting against a common threat than in fighting for a common good." -- from Conrado de Quiros' column today

Lots of interesting links on Adam's page about the current state of the nation. (Also on Adam's page: protest poetry, Dr. Strange, and pictures of girls in bikinis).


twistedman said...

I believe that the emergency rule will just give rise to increased human rights violations, leading to more violence, as evident from our experience more than 30 years ago. It is not only illegal; it is farcical as well. Why did Mrs. Arroyo put the country under the state of emergency when she, herself, believed that the ‘crisis’ is under control. We know that the real reason for the declaration of Presidential Proclamation 1017 is to keep herself glued in the seat of power. She is an illegal president and she has no right to govern us in any other circumstance.

Homer said...

are there any good leaders out there? those who wouldnt cheat? those who wouldnt corrupt the government? those who would care more for the plight of the masses than the insecurities of the rich? those who would rather stand up to the western world than kiss its ass?

is there really...