Wednesday, March 29, 2006

BURN: Music Matters

The BURN Staff! Standing, L to R: Marcus Nada, me, Denise Mallabo, Zach Lucero. Seated, L to R: Kat von Einsiedel, Dave Yogore, Kristine Fonacier

It's almost here! After a number of disputes, delays, bouts of soul-searching, and several sessions of full contact Krav Maga, BURN -- the best music magazine in the known universe -- is set to launch this April. It will have features galore, lovely layouts by Dave and Marcus, lotsa good writing, AND a free CD with songs and interviews, compiled and hosted by Zach.

I wrote four of the main features (and co-wrote another one, with Yvette) -- and am in charge of the Reviews section, supposedly. My Review Crew for the first issue consists of Thor Balanon, Dodo Dayao, Kristine, myself, Denise, JP Ong, Cait Poblador, Cris Ramos Jr. and Yvette Tan. :)

I was looking over the layouts a couple of weeks ago, and I can't wait to hold the actual magazine in my hands. There'll be four different covers for the first issue, featuring four different artists that run the gamut from indie-rock to glossy pop. Something for every music aficionado, we hope. More details soon! And more staff shots here and here. (Thanks to Denise for the pix!)


Unknown said...

One word:


Can't wait to read it!

Luis K. said...

He he. Thanks! :)

avs said...


I have to add, though, that while we're all excited about Burn, we're more about excited your next collection of short stories... Sana lumabas na rin!



Luis K. said...

Thanks a lot Gelo! :) The nonfiction collection will come out first -- I still don't have enough stories for a second fiction collection. Am working on it though.

And thanks again for your contribution to BURN! Attention all Angelo Suarez fans: buy BURN and read Gelo's essay about... a Barbie's Cradle song :)

Yvette Tan said...

Ang gwapo moooooooo! *faints* ;P

Yes, that wasn't the most coherent of posts, ut it's hard to think when you're in front of, to take a cue from Francis M, gwapoisity. :)

avs said...

Hala, anong fans? 'Yan ang tunay na speculative fiction, hahaha. :p

Astig! Abangan namin 'yang non-fic collection niyo ha! Does it have a title yet!