Sunday, March 19, 2006

"Breakfast in NYC" by Oppenheimer

"Summer's in your heart, and I know that you're staying." Yay for head-bobby happy-sounding summery songs! The way the band Oppenheimer uses synths reminds me of The Rentals. Here's the description from Fingertips:
Subtract the synthesizers -- both the fuzzy, deep one and the dingly high one -- and the song is revealed at its core to be Beach-Boys pure (the very first word, even, is "Summer"), its Brian Wilson-y sing-song verse setting up a heart-bursting hook in the chorus. It's a hook that packs a grand wallop for almost no apparent reason: the melody takes what sound like joyful leaps both upward and downward that all turn out to be that most pedestrian of intervals, the third. A third is the basic building block of music; all chords are based on thirds. And yet here the interval sounds towering, revelatory -- probably due to both the singer's immaculate tone and the irresistible use of echo harmonies as the thirds alternate achingly between major and minor chords. Ahhhh -- just brilliant.

I love that line that goes "Saw you going crazy on the dancefloor." :) Download it here (scroll to THIS WEEK'S FINDS: March 12-18, right click and "Save Link As"). Two minutes twenty-three seconds of singalong synth-pop!

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PAOLO CRUZ said...

I wonder how amny lazy amateur music journalists/bloggers have thought they were sooooo clever for describing Oppenheimer as "the bomb".