Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Industrial-Strength Interlace

Those of you who are into dark, dramatic, skull-pounding music will be excited to know -- that is, if you don't already know -- that European industrial act Interlace are performing here this week. I've been told that they're the first foreign industrial act to come to our shores. Here's their schedule, more or less (9pm onwards each playdate, tickets at the entrance):

Friday, March 24
6underground, Carlos Palanca St., Makati (with Skies of Ember, etc)

Saturday, March 25
Vida de Malate, Nakpil St., Malate (with Rubber Inc, etc)

Monday, March 27
Absinthe, Greenbelt 3, Makati (with The Late Isabel, etc)

If you're wondering what they sound like, you can download some mp3 samples from their site. Also, here's a description of their second album:
Imago is the second conceptual phase of Interlace. During Innuendo, the first phase, a foetus was conceived and cloned. Now it is time for the foetus to leave its incubator and enter the world outside. The sharp cold, the naked tile walls, the harshness of unfamiliar sounds... and, somewhere beyond the blinding light, reality.

From that, I think you can pretty much guess whether this act is your cup of absinthe, or not.

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