Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ninja Doctors and Big Ideas

Ever wonder what a comic book starring a doctor who is also a ninja might be like? If so, please seek professional psychiatric help. And then go and read The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, which actually lives up to this fantastic premise. (It also has giant lumberjacks, pirates, Ronald McDonald, and a gorilla receptionist named Judy).

"When two ninja engage in battle, not a word is spoken. There is no room for banter. Perfect focus must be maintained. Every attack and parry is plotted ten steps in advance. Like a silent, deadly game of battleship. No, not chess. Battleship. Chess is a little too... rooky, pawny for my tastes."

And now I leave you with another quote, this time from Your Band Sucks: "What Big Idea have I stumbled upon this week, you ask? First of all, fuck you. I don’t stumble upon anything, I use my legendary intellect to devise amazing ideas, and then I present them to you via my unsurpassed writing ability. Except for this idea, which I pretty much stumbled upon."


jewels said...

Damn, Luis. You really have NOTHING TO DO, don'tcha? Good thing you're keeping us entertained. ;D

Luis K. said...

Contrary to my column title, I have plenty of stuff to do, Jewel! Or rather, plenty of stuff I'm supposed to be doing. Thanks for dropping by, and we hope to keep you entertained. :) *dons top hat, starts tap-dancing*