Saturday, January 21, 2006

"I Wanna Know Girls" by Portastatic

Go here and download "I Wanna Know Girls" by Portastatic (also known as the other band of Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughan). It's just a great, great slab of sugary-sweet jangly-fuzzy guitar-pop fun; even when the lyrics go borderline sleazy ("I love your feet and your legs/ And everything going up from there"), they're delivered in such an earnest, happy manner that they end up being clever/cute instead. The whole song's great, but somewhere around the 3:17 mark, it actually starts to get even better, until by the end of this lyric it soars off into a solo:

I wanna know girls, but only love one
You are my source of energy
Hook a panel up to me
And shine down on me like the sun
Now you and your friends say love is blind
But I think it’s easy and kind
Or anyhow it could be
You buzz me like it would be
You think we’re in the movies
But movies never move me
Don’t think that you can lose me
‘Cause love is like an uzi
It weighs a ton
Oh yeah, my love weighs a ton


Brings a big smile to my sleepy face. Note the Public Enemy reference in the last few lines. Fun stuff.

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