Saturday, May 06, 2006

Truth Be Told

Call it the miracle of MTV: while watching the video for "Truth" by Bamboo for the third time, I realized something -- I like this video. This was followed by a couple more realizations in quick succession: I like the song too, and -- most surprising of all, to me -- I like the band. Sure, the Chungking Express feel of the Chinese restaurant scenes in the video may have something to do with it, but I wouldn't have enjoyed the experience so much if the song -- or band -- sucked.

My feelings for the band Bamboo have shifted several times over the past years, actually: from almost-total indifference, to mild irritation (when their "Hoy! Pinoy ako" anthem was at the height of its overplayed popularity), to grudging respect (they are very good at what they do), to... well, nowadays, I just plain like their stuff. I don't love it, not yet, but who knows what the next album may bring.

I admit that seeing some of their ads -- especially the ones where lead singer Bamboo is pulling that rawkk!! face of his -- got in the way of my appreciating their music a little bit, but I understand that people have to make a living, and after all, many a band has emerged from endorsing products with integrity mostly intact. Hey, if I can still like The Dawn after hearing the beer commercial version of "Salamat" played 500 times while we were waiting for their All Hallow's Eve concert to start (yes, I am old), I can live with some Pony-shilling.

So props to Bamboo. "Hallelujah" may not have been as big a hit as "Noypi", but it was a better song, and "Much Has Been Said" has its own easy, laid-back charm (though I didn't much care for "F.U."). Bamboo, as a band, just seems to be improving with each album. And you know, Nathan looks so much more decent now with his new haircut.

My fearless forecast: Bamboo will bring home a shitload of honors at this year's Awit Awards.

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