Monday, December 13, 2004

Sloth, etc

Yay, it's the Periodic Table of Sloth! "And if you plan things out right, you can enjoy snacks, television, and bed all at once. And when you do, you'll know you have achieved your life's ultimate ambition." Other T-shirts that are fun to look at but that I will never order because I don't live in the States are here.

I was once part of a group of people who would meet every month to exchange mix CDs (an idea that's worth reviving, actually, if we can cobble together some good people who are up for it). We stopped when the group became too big and unwieldy -- I think. Actually, the real reasons behind the group falling apart may never be known. Anyway, we would agree on monthly themes, and the last theme we agreed upon was "Deadly Sins." We never did get to exchange our mixes on that theme, but I did go through a short period of wondering how to structure mine.

Would I cover the gamut with, say, two or three songs per sin? Would I concentrate on a few ("These are a few of my faaavorite sins...")? Or could I cobble together a whole CD of songs to represent, say, Sloth (Lust and Wrath being a little too easy to find rock n' roll odes to)? Let's see, Teenage Fanclub's "Alcoholiday," maybe Dinosaur Jr.'s "The Wagon" (or pretty much almost anything by Dinosaur Jr.), and so on. Greed would have been easy too, I could have slapped together an all-bling-bling hip-hop mix. Same goes for Pride. Gluttony, now that would have been a bit of a challenge. And Envy (suddenly I can't get that horrible Rick Springfield song about "Jessie's Girl" out of my head).