Friday, December 03, 2004

And the Winnah Is

So, the NU Rock Awards pushed through last night, despite the storm raging and cows hurtling through the air. Thanks to the Philmusic peeps -- "Here’s a list of the winners as we recall them," they report, italics mine (mine, I tell you! MINE!), which could mean that this whole lineup is a complete fabrication, plucked from their drug-scrambled brains. Certainly the O&L win seems like the work of some unhinged reality-warping super-villain.

Best New Artist: Orange & Lemons
Band/Artist of the Year: Bamboo
Song of the Year: "Noypi" by Bamboo
Album of the Year: Influence by Urbandub
Best Music Video: "Astro" by RadioActive Sago Project
Best Album Packaging: Novena by Slapshock
Vocalist of the Year: Bamboo Manalac (Bamboo)
Guitarist of the Year: Jerome Velasco (The Mongols)
Bassist of the Year: Buddy Zabala (Twisted Halo, Cambio)
Drummer of the Year: Vic Mercado (Bamboo)
Producer of the Year: Sandwich
In The Raw Award: The Late Isabel
Hall of Fame: The Jerks
Female Icon: Cynthia Alexander
Listener’s Choice: Bamboo

Bamboo beats Ebe? Not in my universe (a universe, by the way, where good, free pizza is distributed to all who want it, and new comics arrive at your doorstep every morning -- so don't tell me it's not a much better universe). Influence beats Dramachine and Derby Light? Well... it wasn't a bad album, not at all; was quite impressed by the production and some of the songs. It's just not something that bears repeated listening, to my mind. Fairly chuffed (yay, British-ism), though, about Jerome "Bunny" Velasco and Buddy "Hunka Burnin' Love" Zabala.

Just texted Wawi of The Late Isabel to congratulate her on their In the Raw win. "Thanks, Luis!" she replies. "We didn't quite expect it and we were pretty much drunk while claiming the award." Woo hoo! Rock and roll!