Friday, July 02, 2004

WOW, MTV Pilipinas 2004!

Good job on the awards night script, Luis!

I really did enjoy the MTV Pilipinas Awards last night--the first time I really did. Last year's came close to entertaining me, if only it didn't run overlong and have those ridiculous ten-minute breaks in the stage action. Pilipinas 2004 was quick and well-paced, (almost) on time, and most of all, it was FUN!

Of course, as you said, it's all because of YOU! *laughs maniacally*

I was seated with Thor, Margie, their friend Bam, and Kristine. Poor Bam and K2 had to listen to our constant chattering and gossip during the show, although I have to say that things would have been much, much worse if any of us had had a few more drinks. As it was, we enjoyed the show, as did the audience. I actually envied some of the people in the section above us--some rowdy medyo jologs types (meaning, not quite like the people we see at the Summer Slam) who were treating the event like it was a spectator sport where you were, as a fan, obliged to cheer very, very loudly for the people you liked, and to greatly insult the people that you didn't.

In keeping with the New Agey hoodooo voodoo theme of the show, Margie and Thor decided at dinner to "foretell" the outcome of the awards:

Favorite New Artist: Bamboo*
Favorite Female: Sarah Geronimo
Favorite Male: Jay R*
("But Piolo, heart," Thor said, marking Piolo's name.)
Favorite Group: Bamboo*
Favorite Song: "Noypi," Bamboo*
Favorite International Video: "Where is the Love?", Black Eyed Peas (They originally thought "Toxic" might win, although they settled on "Where Is the Love" "...because it has a Pinoy in it.")*
Favorite International Act: Black Eyed Peas

*ding! ding! ding! you are correct!
NB: Jolina Magdangal, she of the backless dress, won Favorite Female; Maroon 5 (wooh!) won Favorite International Act.

I offered to buy them a beer each for every answer they got right, so now I have to buy a total of ten beers when we go out next time. I hope we go to a beer garden-type place where beers are, like, P15 each. Maybe somewhere sleazy with strippers. Although I suppose places with strippers have expensive drinks. Maybe Tequila Joe's, then, where beers are at P25. And they have margaritas, some of which I'm really quite allergic to. (Can't explain it: some of their drinks give me a rash.) But I digress.

I left early--it had nothing to do with your script! promise!--but everyone else finished the show in high spirits, having seen the head Mongol, Ely Buendia, on stage presenting, and backstage exiting. It was all Thor and Margie really wanted to cap the evening. Maybe next year we'll try to get into the mosh pit. I'll write "SOY BOMB" on myself, or something equally cryptic, and then dance like an idiot behind Paolo Santos. Who I will kill afterwards.

Tonight: the MTV Ink anniversary party! I won't tell you which parts of the script I wrote. Let's just say I was on a lot of medication at the time, and leave it at that.

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