Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Thanks, Kristine! And thanks to you and Margie for everything else: the visit, the late-night nachos, the music, your company, and of course, all the fish. :) The occasional suicide attempt aside, Inky, Blinky and Clyde seem to be doing fine. They don't eat much though; the slice of pizza I left in their bowl yesterday is still there. On the other hand, they love tequila.

(For the benefit of any members of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Fishies who may be reading this: I'm kidding).

Oh, and thanks for the link! When I first discovered the Hitchhiker's "trilogy," So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish was my favorite. I've lent out all those books so much that I don't even know where my copy is anymore; good to be able to reread it online.

Yesterday I put together a mix CD -- to mark the occasion, I suppose, and also because I've been meaning to put together a nice feelgood set of songs for July for a while now. July's almost over, of course, but am hoping this mix carries over and becomes a good soundtrack for future days of hanging out, catching up, accomplishing things, and so forth. Am pretty happy with it so far; tried to put songs that I'm not overly familiar with, but that make me feel good nonetheless. It's got Built to Spill, Boldstar, Magnet, The Decemberists, Teenage Fanclub, and so on. Not relentlessly cheery, but mostly upbeat. Will make copies for you guys. :)

Worst musical moment on my birthday: Stonefree mangling one of my favorite U2 songs, "All I Want Is You," live at Tapika. Sorry, guys. But it's just wrong.

Best musical moment on my birthday: Sitting in your car with you and Margie, parked in front of my house, listening to the last strains of REM's "At My Most Beautiful" and all of "Nightswimming." :)

Somewhere tonight the stars still shine
somehow I've got to re-align
fuelled by the promise of the sun
pulled by the charm this night has spun

-- "Near You," Teenage Fanclub

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