Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Sound + Motion

Yeah, I have good memories of that night when I hitched a ride with you to Makati -- Conch and Denise in the back seat, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs blasting on your stereo. :) Not to mention the ride back to QC later that same night (thanks to you, and Margie), listening to the Y3's again. "Date with the Night," "Black Tongue" -- all that good stuff -- and of course the immortal "Maps."

There's something about listening to a song when you're on the road that enhances both the experience of listening and the experience of motion, both of which are pleasant enough in themselves. Some of my best music-appreciation moments these days come from listening to songs while riding a cab to or from work -- thank goodness for the mp3 feature on my dinky old cellphone. I love watching the city go by while my earphones are transmitting Stars or the Sundays or David Bowie into my skull. My current in-transit favorites: "On Peak Hill" and "My Radio" by Stars (both AM and FM versions), "1992" by our friend Isha, and "Goodbye" by the Sundays.

As you know, I wrote about "Goodbye" for July's Swan Song feature -- didn't realize how hard it could be, to try to describe exactly why you love a certain song so much, and how it embedded itself into your life. I hope I did it justice. As difficult as it was, though, it's something I kind of want to do again; there's something satisfying about exploring as thoroughly as one can that link between one's life and one's music, through just one specific song. Maybe I'll do that again here -- I want to write about my No. 2 candidate for Swan Song, XTC's "Wrapped in Grey." :)

Am still at the office. The wind is howling outside and I think the rain can't be too far behind. Will cut this entry short, and head home now, lest the storm swallow me up. Good night!

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