Sunday, July 18, 2004

"To all those people who believe in crazy, stupid ideas"

July mixes? Count me in. I think I need to listen to, and compile, some hopeful music. I do hope the Long Dark February of the Soul really is coming to a close now.

Been thinking a lot, lately, about the kind of life I'm leading and the kind of life I really want, about all these unfinished bits of business and loose ends and persistent regrets, not to mention quasi-plans that I haven't quite gotten off the ground yet. I love writing about music for a music magazine, obviously, but I always feel like there's more I want to be doing, both within my job description and outside of it. Am always putting things off, it seems -- getting buried in the everyday. Going along with stuff. Watching episodes of CSI. Not that I plan to stop doing the latter.

It was nice to learn about someone who doesn't seem capable of distracting or second-guessing herself into inaction. Of course, she's young yet. ;p

Remember R.K. Millholland and how he managed to get his Something Positive readers to "employ" him to create comics for a year? Pia's story is kind of like that. For various good reasons, she really really wants to go to this World Youth Festival in Barcelona. Trouble is, she had no money. But she figured: if only 200 people gave me only P300 each, that would be P60,000 -- and I'd have enough for airfare, registration, etcetera. So she posted her offer on her blog: for P300, she will do a good deed of your choice (plant a tree, donate books, help the aged, etc). In two days, 80+ people had pledged about P25,000. Gasp! Now, if only I could get people to give me money for a not-so-worthy cause. Like so that I could buy CDs. Or comics.

Found out about her through Kidlat; we're thinking about documenting the whole thing, and maybe making a short film out of it. Which is nice, because it would be like one dream leading to another -- I've always wanted to work on a film with Kidlat, we just never came across the appropriate subject matter.

Got a printer cartridge yesterday, will finally be able to print covers for my mix CDs again, yay! Found some nice graphics that will go well with the compilations I'm making for my brother's store. Theme music for today: "Everyone Says Hi" by David Bowie, "My Best Friend" by the Incredible Moses Leroy, "In the Afternoon" by Narda. Happy, hopeful stuff. For all its doubts and questions and insane hectic-ness so far, here's hoping July turns out well for us all.


Pauloy said...

Haha! I'm commenting...
Luis, great place to find new music. So out of it. Being plagued by too much, too soon, and being too old. A gazillion bands everywhere. Got 5 music channels on satellite. Everyone and their sister is in a band. I'm a ghost stuck in the 80's because I still think The Cure is/was a defining moment in music history. And, well, I think this blog is a nice filter so we don't have to waste time picking up something that isn't worth the investment of time. Nevermind Spacemonkeyz vs. Gorillaz. Nevermind Jamie Cullum. I like them. But I don't feel the same. Here's to doing what we REALLY want to do!

Pauloy said...

Oh. And say "Hi!" to your Kuya. Maybe he still remembers me.