Saturday, July 09, 2005

Musik and Gaiman

Just caught the last half of this local music show on channel 5 called Islamusik. Not bad, not bad at all. Am not sure if they always focus on a particular genre*, but this episode was all about the hip-hop scene here: they interviewed a bunch of artists (DJ Arbie Won, SVC), showed some cool videos (Mista Blaze, Artstrong, DJ Arbie Won and the United Freestyles), featured one of the regular hip-hop venues (Club V), and basically did a pretty good job. It's scripted in a pleasant conversational Taglish that conveys info without being stilted or grating. Plus I have to admit that, even though her Penshoppe ads kind of irritate me, host Ala Paredes was very good: engaging without being annoying, casual without being pa-cool, and comfortable with the language.

Some bits, like their man-on-the-street interviews, could be improved (perhaps musicTrip could be done away with altogether, or at least revamped), and some of the cameos -- the Itchyworms? Random members of Sound? -- were puzzling, but admittedly amusing. And speaking of sound, the sound on some of the videos (particularly Artstrong's "Jazzy Monday") was muffled to the point of being unlistenable, but am not sure who's to blame for that. In any case, was happy with their choices of which videos to show; I've never even seen Mista Blaze or Arbie Won's stuff on MTV. They also exercised good judgment regarding which artists to interview (of course, I wish there had been a few more, but then again am sure they were constrained by time and budget). All in all, am looking forward to catching Islamusik again next Saturday at 6, should I happen to be home. Am wondering what they'll cover next (that's another thing: they should have a NEXT WEEK teaser). Channel 5 seems to promote its other Saturday shows more aggressively though, like the bizarrely titled Mr Fighting: Fight For Love, which seems to be a live-action showcase for fisticuffs, anime hair, and bad makeup, and some local music/variety show type of thing that has Tim Yap involved somehow -- tonight's episode features Kyla, Chynna Ortaleza and Mojofly; might check it out later out of curiousity.

Change of topic. So -- all you people who attended The Gathering at Rockwell today -- how did the Neil Gaiman lovefest go? :) Some people I've talked to about Gaiman's visit have found themselves less enthusiastic about it than they thought they would be, given their avowed fanhood, and the reason for that is that the thought of sharing him with hordes of other fans (as one wit put it, a "nerd frenzy") makes them go bleah. There's an element of interior cringing, of elitism, involved: "These people are Gaiman fans too? Jesus." I've felt this myself to some degree, but I'm not going to let it stop me from seeing one of my favorite authors in person, this Monday.

Aside from a distaste for the idea of an uncool local Gaiman horde, there's also the somewhat related trepidation of not wanting to disappoint him, as Waya and I talked about. We want him to be impressed, we want him to have a great stay, we want to read his blog entries afterwards about how great it was here. We want to ask really intelligent and insightful questions, even though we will all probably just devolve into gibbering hero-worship (or the equally annoying flipside: needless snotty impertinence). Anyway, will be checking fellow enthusiasts' blogs later for their accounts of the day.

*Just found their Multiply page: apparently they do.


wawaya said...

OH my og luis, he was everything and more!!! he was just as witty and sweet and smart as we all dreamed he would be, and he was just as attentive and nice to the 524th person (me) as he was to the first. the organizers kept asking him if he wanted to stop, but he kept saying no, and there was none of that feeling, that elitist annoyance. for one brief glorious moment, we were all friends, we were all just happy to be there. i gave him mama's translations cd and he hugged and kissed me and said it was a really cool present, and he said it like he really truly meant it :) apparantly, we were the biggest turnout in his entire career. three thousand in one tent, all for you mr. gaiman!!!

koAla Paredes said...

Hi, please check out the IslaMusik site at You can catch show scheds there, as well as what genres will be featured next.

Can we use your entry in our reviews section? :-)

Glad to know our hard work pays off :-)

Luis K. said...

Hello, Alamander! Was quite happy to come across your show. I always feel the local music scene/s need more, and better, coverage, and am glad someone's doing something about it. :) When I was the scriptwriter for MTV Diyes, I tried to write episodes that were like mini-primers on certain aspects of the local scene, like the "Top 10 Indie Rock Videos" or "The Top 10 Hip-Hop Videos," but I think they've changed (or are changing) the format, to a more chart-oriented one. Anyway, good luck with everything, and you are most welcome to use my somewhat haphazardly-written review! :)

koAla Paredes said...

Thank you very much :-)

Oh, and lastly, how would you rate the show from 1-5? (we need it for the reviews page).

Thanks soooo much

hastyteenflick said...

hi luis! thanks for giving am honest review of our show. :) glad to know some real people are watching it.

danice mae sison
executive producer

Luis K. said...

Hey Danisha! :) Was happily surprised to learn that you're part of the Islamusik crew. Good work on the show! Caught part of the reggae episode last Saturday :)