Friday, January 07, 2005

Music Journalism

Did you know that the Philippines has the oldest hip-hop scene in Southeast Asia? And that rap and hip-hop are not synonymous? Yeah, I know: who the hell cares. I miss the days when all I had to do was write about Stonefree. Or The freakin' Purplechickens.

Just came across this amusing overview of a bunch of music magazines, by a Dr. David Thorpe, who is quite possibly not a medical doctor. I'm guessing he has a Ph.D. in Applied Physics or something, but that is just a wild guess. Anyway, I love what he wrote about Rolling Stone:
When many of us think of music journalism, we think of passages like “Hurtling across the Mojave Desert, half-blind from the sun and half-crazy from the delectable Afghan hash, I exchanged a portentous glance with the beautiful man-monster who calls himself Gary Cherone. ‘This is real,’ I thought. ‘This is now. This is Extreme.” Rolling Stone practically invented this bullshit.

Funny, and true. Am just glad this guy has never even laid eyes on PULP magazine.

"As I sucked on my last cig and chugged down my third Red Horse for the night -- at the same time, so you can imagine the mess -- I asked the living rap legend seated across me what he thought of the local hip-hop scene. He launched into a monologue involving the origins of hip-hop culture, and the founders and pioneers of Pinoy rap. As I watched his lips move, I slowly slipped into a sort of muffled state, as if invisible elves had packed my head with cotton into an invisible box, and I wondered: will we ever build a distinct and honest Pinoy hip-hop culture of our own? And furthermore, can't this guy afford a deodorant?"

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Acid42 said...

tee hee heee heee. music journalism in the philippines is a godawful task. primarily because not enough musicians here have personalities worth interviewing. same problem with celebrities. hence the shenanigans us writers have to go through to put excitement on the page.

Cheers! I love your blog.
More more more!

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