Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bed Weather

Well, while you and the rest of music-loving Manila were getting drenched and disappointed at the Fête de la Musique, I was miles and miles away, in bed, having passed out fully clothed because of these damn antihistamines I'm on. Not that I'm complaining--the meds are giving me wonderfully quirky dreams.

Like that night's dream, which had Morrissey living at my parents' house, hiding out from the public and trying to take a break from the relentless media storm that followed his latest release. Some neighborhood kids showed up at the door, asking if they could see him, and I had to tell them that, no, that wasn't Morrissey bunking at our house. But then he came back from doing the groceries--I remember he was dressed in walking shorts and looked a little old and slightly squidgy 'round the edges, like he did in his pictures in the recent SPIN issue--and the children went wild. He took it all pretty calmly. He looked tired at the attention, but also grateful for the children's sincerity.

I don't know why I dreamt that, since I haven't listened to the new album or actually given Morrissey more than a passing thought since its release. Maybe it's because I heard "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" in a bar some nights ago. Probably because I'm on so many different meds, I'm hallucinating half the time.

I told Margie about this blog, and she laughed. It's not like we don't get enough of writing about music at work, she said. Now you guys are putting up a blog about it! Well. I guess it means we're hard-core music fans.

Little-known fact about this music fan, though: I've only ever been to one Fête, which was last year's. And every year, I get text messages from friends, asking where I am, and where we can meet up. I've always been out of town during the previous Fêtes, and this year...well, after missing Olympic Smoker's set, I didn't feel like going anymore. Which was, as you said, just as well, considering what kind of personal dramas unfolded for C. and P. that evening. The music scene: We love it, we live it, we write about it and dream about it, then we date the people in it. Or date people who dated people in it. ;)

Things were so much simpler when I was a teenager whose only contact with the music scene was through the radio.

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