Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Such Thing as a Guilty Pleasure

Got email from Sam M. RE: the many many recent versions of "Umbrella" floating around. Got me thinking about covers of popular songs, and how they sometimes turn out even better than the originals. (Am reminded of the way some of my favorite local artists remake songs at the Route 196 Stripped gigs. Somehow, cool artist + cheesy-yet-catchy song = good times.

Been enjoying three such covers lately, and you would do well to download all of them before they're taken down: go to these blogs to get The Gossip's excellent reworking of Wham!'s Careless Whisper, The Wedding Present's version of Take That's Back for Good, and, quite possibly my favorite, The Bird and The Bee's version of the Bee Gees' How Deep is Your Love. You'll thank me.

PS. The Poofy panel has nothing to do with this entry. But I like Poofy. So there.


radiculous said...

hey hey you luis! with regards to covers, try looking for the VH1 Radio 1 series.. it's a treasure trove of covers. :D There's a cover of Don't get me wrong by the Pretenders redone by Lily Allen. :D PWEDEH.. :D

Luis K. said...

Hey Rad! Thanks for the tip. Will look for it :) Lily Allen doing The Pretenders... nice.

crispuno said...

howdy luis :) seems like take that's song's so cheesy some artists can't help but remake it. i like the concretes version better (maybe because i'm partial to the band :P ). i don't know if you've heard of this album - it's aptly called 'Guilt by Association' ( ) - top 40 songs done by indie artists. it's pretty interesting. the rocked out version of destiny's child's 'say my name' is fun to listen to. you can check it out here: :)