Sunday, June 03, 2007

"What was it like, being the only woman in the cast?" "Exhausting."

While I thought Ocean's 12 was annoying -- mainly because of a plot twist, if you can call it that, at the climax of the film -- I'm probably watching Ocean's 13. If only because of this interview.

DAMON: [To Pitt and Clooney] Is it true that you were the last two actors up for the hitchhiker role in Thelma & Louise?
CLOONEY: It was pretty embarrassing. They brought Brad and me in, and they just made us take our shirts off and stand there for a while, and then they picked Brad.
PITT: That is absolutely not true.
TIME: Did you know each other at that point?
CLOONEY: I knew him afterward.
DAMON: "Hey, that's the f___ing guy that took my job!"
CLOONEY: My friends said, "You want to see Thelma & Louise?" And I'm like, "F___ Thelma & Louise!" But it was fairly obvious when you saw the movie why I didn't get it, 'cause Brad just knocked it out of the park.
PITT: Aw, they were just grooming you for Batman.

I love it when actors (or musicians, or anyone else for that matter) are relaxed and funny in interviews. As opposed to, say, bitter and funny, or mean and funny, or just unfunny.

Plus, I love Ellen Barkin. I have loved her ever since I was this gangly adolescent who read this great interview with her in Esquire. Okay, that's a lie. I've never gangled in my life.

Also, isn't it funny that, in the trailer, [Matt Damon] + [an enormous fake nose] = looks like Matthew Modine?

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Jorizza said...

were you able to watch this part:

Interviewer: (to damon and clooney) what do you think of brad being hounded by papparazzi? (or something, i don't know the exact question but that's the gist of it)

clooney: brad's got it tough...

damon: yeah, brad's got it tough... plus that horrible, horrible, ugly wife that he has to go home to...

Oh my God I was like in tears from too much laughing!