Tuesday, September 13, 2005


This may not have anything to do with music, but it looks like a good exhibit (hi, Tita Pep!), and besides, I know that many of you are tired of having Karl Roy's leer be the first thing you see whenever you visit this blog. ;) From the press release:

Recent works by Pep Manalang and Datu Arellano
September 13 to October 1, 2005

Pep Manalang and Datu Arellano merge their contrasting styles in their first exhibit together, titled Convergence-Divergence. Featuring their recent works in mixed media and in acrylic and modeling paste on canvas, respectively, the exhibit is on view at the West Gallery in West Avenue, Quezon City from September 13 to October 1.

Pep Manalang, who has been exploring textural possibilities in her abstract works, thinks it is quite interesting to do a show with someone whose style is so different from hers. She also likes the idea of collaborating with a younger artist, one whose point of view is different as a result of varying backgrounds and influences. She loves working spontaneously, and even finds that the act of painting itself can be so emotionally charged, especially when she just lets the elements fall into place. "I try not to think [so much during the process]," notes Manalang. "I want to try something different, see how paint settles, and then find a structure or framework to hold the paint."

Datu Arellano, for his part, draws his ideas from cluttered university bulletin boards. He collects as many magazine cutouts and book pages as he can, and composes them into a 'chaotic' collage, sometimes even adding his own drawings. Then he leaves the collage for a while until he decides on which elements to leave as they are, keeping only a few of them visible. He challenges himself even more by working on Pep Manalang’s unfinished pieces. Manalang has done the same to Arellano’s collages, resulting in a total of six collaborative works. "At the end you get something more interesting," observes Arellano, upon seeing what Manalang has done to his unfinished collages. "One similarity we have is that we both give importance to the process."

West Gallery, now part of the new Mary Santos Artcade, is at #48 West Avenue, Quezon City. For inquiries, call 411-0336.

West Gallery's website: www.westgallery.org
Datu's website: www.datuarellano.com
Pep's website: www.geocities.com/artlife98