Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lissy Trullie, "Boy Boy"

Last March, thanks to my usual voracious reading of music blogs, I came across Lissy Trullie: an androgynously hot New York-based singer with a tight yet raw rock sound and a great swoon-inducing voice. I admit, it was her covers that drew me in first: her better-than-the-original rendition of Hot Chip's "Ready For The Floor," and her duet with Adam Green on "Just a Friend" -- yeah, the Biz Markie song. (Some of you may recall "Ready For The Floor" from that March mix I made.)

This one's an original -- thanks to Erwin for the link, and most of all for a copy of the single, signed by Lissy Trullie herself, acquired from his recent NY trip. I am immensely grateful and immensely envious that you got to watch her perform live. (I am immense, period.)

Every thing I've heard by Lissy Trullie, cover or original, has so far been fantastic -- go, listen. Her music brings back some of that giddy high school thrill that music always used to give me.