Thursday, March 01, 2007

Exhibit Opens

Yes -- "Strange Maps" is now open! Lala spent two days setting up, aided by myself, her hubby-to-be Karlo, and, briefly, Kuya Che and my sis-in-law Sarah, and especially boy scout JB Cada, without whom I don't know how we could have completed the setup in time. Take a bow, Jabes.

Truckloads of thanks to everyone who went to the opening last Tuesday night, including Yvette my love, our very first guest; my Mom and my sister Marien; all the Gallardos and their friends; Fran, Terry (and Terry's Mom), Therese; Jovan, Conch, Pats and Bliss; JB, Steph, Anton, Dex, Jep, Miko; Erwin, Ramon, Neva, Cris; Joelle and Mikah, Jewel and Jon, Bernie and Marcus; and everyone else!

The show got lots of great feedback from everyone. Bernie said some very nice things about it to me when we were standing outside SaGuijo; I hope it's not just because she was tipsy. ;) Nico of 27+20 liked it a lot too. To those of you who haven't seen the show yet, please drop by. It'll be on display in SaGuijo til March 17. :)

Photos from Lala's LJ -- I would link to the entry, but it's locked.

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indi said...

oooooooh. wish i could read your words and see more of the art.