Monday, August 09, 2004

Because They Got High

Two questions were burning in my mind as yesterday's RX Band Breakout came to a close. One, what drugs were the judges on, and two, where could I get some? Personal biases aside, I do honestly believe that of the six bands that made it to the finals, Matilda rocked the hardest -- and they didn't even place. Their new song is good, as good as anything on their EP if not better, and their sound -- thunderous drumming, occasionally razorlike guitar, keening violin and all -- delivers a real kick, unlike most of the other acts. It was weird seeing them decked out in Bobson-sponsored clothes, though, and not their usual mix of goth/grunge/glam gear.

I still can't believe Pop Clinic and Menaya took third and second place, respectively. The former band, while not lacking in enthusiasm, was somewhat diction-challenged (as a friend pointed out), and diction-challeged is not something you want to be when you're covering "Semi-Charmed Life." Besides which, their original song sounded like something by Ang Tunay na Amo. If they were going to give out prizes for unabashed 80s-flavored kabaduyan, they should have honored Bluecheese instead, who at least displayed more power and chops. Second-placer Menaya, on the other hand, displayed a tragic Sting/The Police fixation -- tragic because their lead singer can't quite pull off that essential lead singer duty of singing passably well.

As I write this, something scrabbling at the back of my head is telling me to get back to work. Of course, lately my 'work' has consisted mostly of staring at a blank screen until I can feel my brain committing slow hara-kiri. I think I needed to put together a brief blog entry just to reassure myself that my ability to write was not something I had somehow misplaced, like house keys or my sanity. It's been a week since the last entry, a week that -- aside from some bright spots for which I am immensely, eternally grateful -- has been mostly unrelenting dull aggravation, occasionally relieved by outright confusion or sadness. Don't worry, I haven't completely lost my perspective; I realize that things could be much, much worse (and that, for some of my friends, they are). Here's hoping things look up this week.

PS. Just in time for the US election season, the Presidents of the United States of America are back. I was never a rabid fan of theirs, but this review makes the new release seem worth checking out, at least.

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