Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rock for Real: The NU107 Rock Awards

Went to the NU107 Rock Awards last night with Yvette. Wrote about it for Who won? Who lost? Who made me go "WTF"? Results and reactions here!An excerpt: "2007 marked the 20th year of the radio station’s existence, and the 14th installment of the awards show. We missed the pre-show, which featured a performance by Marcus Highway, but we got there just in time for the show proper, and to have our senses assaulted by a sex-themed intro video starring Asia Agcaoili, Ramon Bautista, and various cylindrical fruits and vegetables. Our main hosts for the evening were Asia, who, true to form, seemed to be wearing less and less clothing as the evening progressed (although who can blame her, considering how sweltery it got in the hall), and Zach Lucero, who looked rather dapper in a red sweatshirt that in the wrong context would have gotten him confused with a doomed Star Trek extra."


wysgal said...

I used to love going to the Rock Awards! Although these days I think I'm too old and weary to enjoy it the way I used to.

Unknown said...

i've been a huge Nu listener for many years. it's disappointing that every year, rockawards becomes more and more promiscous. Nu has female listeners too. it's not entertaining for us to watch "live sex shows".they should have another show for pornstars and men who enjoy watching flesh exposure. Rock awards is supposed to be bout pinoy rock music not pinay pornstars