Saturday, December 08, 2007

The BURN Year-Ender, Revisited

You know, I always loved those Vanity Fair issues that would focus on music or the movies and showcase the most prominent and/or interesting players in each field with great photo shoots, usually displayed in two-page spreads, often teaming up people you wouldn’t expect to see gathered in the same room together. So what I’m trying to say is, I’m really proud to be part of the November-December 2007 issue of BURN.

I know I’ve blogged about our year-ender issue before, but Denise just posted some pix of the pictorials, and you should go look:

Of course, to get the full effect, you really must get a copy (available now! For the insanely low price of Php70!).

I did the short write-ups for “We Are the Champions” (Kamikazee + Kjwan), “Don’t Call Them Divas” (Sitti + Skarlet + Bituin Escalante), “Video Visionaries” (Pancho Esguerra, Marie Jamora, Avid Liongoren, and Quark Henares) and—my favorite—“Hip-Hop and They Won’t Stop” (Nimbus9, The Out of Body Special, Sinag, and Corporate Lo-Fi). A close contender for my favorite shoot of the bunch is “Soft is the New Loud,” pictured here, which features Sino Sikat, Julianne, and Up dharma Down. [Insert exclamation of rabid enthusiasm here.]

There you go: 17 pages of pix of the best musicians of 2007! Again, I applaud Denise and Conch for actually pulling this off, and am very happy to have played a small part in it. :) The immensely talented photographers involved were Tom Epperson, Carina Altomonte and Aldwin Aspillera.

Thanks Denise! :D


wysgal said...

That's pretty awesome ... the photos have a great texture and sense of style to them. A testament not only to the booming local music scene, but to the talent of the photographers in Manila.

Luis K. said...

So much talent. So few rewards!