Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jay-Z = Batman

The invincible (and frequently hilarious) Chris Sims, on the link between comics and hip-hop. ;)
Look at Jay-Z and Batman [...] Both are identities created by otherwise "normal" men (Shawn Carter and Bruce Wayne, respectively) that allow them to become something bigger than themselves, to accomplish things that normal men couldn't. Admittedly, the accomplishments might not be quite on the same level -- eradicating all crime being a slightly more lofty goal than, say, selling Armadale vodka -- but the point stands that there's a level over-the-top posturing there that's every bit as exaggerated as it is in comics. The only difference is that one has "The World's Greatest Detective" and the other has "The Best Rapper Alive."

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One Year Later

So, it's been a while. Over a year, actually, since I last posted here. I've been more active elsewhere online (see "Luis, Elsewhere" on the right). I thought it was time to update this blog, though, especially since it still turns up first when you run a Google search on my name.

Anyway. There have been changes, personal and professional, over the past year or so. The personal changes are quite significant, but I don't want to get into them here. Professionally, things are going well. I am the Executive Editor of the revamped UNO magazine, which if I may be so immodest, consistently showcases some of the best writing on the stands. Am still writing about music, though this time for the Philippine Star -- my column, "Senses Working Overtime," comes out every Friday.

I have a second collection of stories and a second collection of essays in the works, and am editing an anthology of fiction entitled Isolation Remembers What Repetition Forgets.

My hamster passed away but I may get a cat soon.