Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Weekly Nothing to Do

With all the stuff that I've been doing lately, I totally forget to tell you all that "The King of Nothing to Do," my column at the Manila Bulletin, ever since I hit #50, now comes out weekly. Whoop whoop! :D So make sure to pick up a copy every Wednesday, because, you know, I writes good and stuff. Today's column is about my reaction to the news that Pisay, a movie about my old high school, is going to show at the Cinemalaya festival at the end of this month.

Last week's column, about childhood and children's books, is here. The Bulletin doesn't always archive its articles though, so it's still good to pick up the print version. ;)


wysgal said...

I don't know if I just had an illiterate childhood (although with weekly trips to the Union Church Library in Makati, I couldn't have been too bad) ... but I'm actually not familiar with any of the books on your list except for Hitchhiker's Guide.

Luis K. said...

Hello wysgal! Love your blog. :) When I was a child I joined the Union Church Library just because that was the only place I knew that had the complete Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. :)

"Momo" and "Irma and Jerry" were flukes, in a way; gifts brought home by relatives from overseas who had heard that I liked reading. The rest I found while prowling the shelves of National Bookstore in the 80s. :)