Friday, July 13, 2007

Pisay the Trailer


miranila said...

Yey! Malapit na.

The soundtrack is something to look forward to. Most of the lyrics were written by Carina Evangelista and set to music by Raimund Marasigan (Egis, Erp:vocals by Lourd de Veyra; Lingunin mo ako kahit minsan: raimund), Buddy Zabala (Puso ko ay Musmos sung by Ebe Dancel; one dance-y song sung by Macoy of Orange and Lemons). There's one other song by Imago naman.

See you sa CCP :)

MeeKa said...

Hi Luis,

I emailed you about a year ago asking about Milflores Publishing.
Fortunately, they will publish my book. I'm just worried though...
the contract was signed September of last year and it looks like
my book will be published towards the end of this year or early next.
Did your book take this long too? I'm really excited to have my book out. Since Milflores has published your books, maybe you can enlighten me. Please reply through my email: .


Luis K. said...

Isang tulog na lang! Hi Earnest. :) That soundtrack sounds great. 80s-style kaya yung music? He he :)

Hi Michelle, answered your email. :)