Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Random MTV Thoughts*

Luis, on Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter":
"Jesus. Lighten up, Damien Rice."

Kristine, on Jennifer Lopez's "Get Right":
"What is that? It sounds like a bagpipe in distress. And, oh, J.Lo? Paula Abdul called--she wants her dance moves back."

*in lieu of a real blog entry


PJC said...

Hehehe. Theoretically, you *could* get away with using equally snarky lines, in the Pulp music reviews, yes? Because I noticed that even during more critical reviews, the tone being used seems at least basically polite. Wouldn't it be more genuinely rakenrol (for lack of a better phrase) to dish out some of that, um, impetuousness in the glossy? Or do the usual limits (keeping up a good professional relationship with the labels, and whatnot) get in the way of a more TelevisionWithoutPity-esque style of writing?

Kristine F. said...

You obviously haven't read my Rivermaya review, o Cockroach of God.

That said, a blog entry is still different from a printed review, in my opinion, not because the latter has to be more polite, but because as an "official" review, I think we owe it to both the artist and to the reader to be more intellgently critical. For example, if I were to write a review of J.Lo's album, I might get all snarky, but I would make sure to back up all that sharp wit (naks!) with a smart elucidation of the album's strengths and weaknesses. It's not always polite, but it probably comes off as less casually caustic because of the care (naks!) and thought (naks! naks!) I put into my reviews.

Incidentally, the last time somebody posed me a question this unexpectedly and uncalled-for smart, we ended up in a serious relationship. So please, for your own good, Cockroach of God, stop being smart.

PJC said...

I'm guilty as charged, as far as my ignorance of your Rivermaya review goes -- which issue did it appear in? (Or, more helpfully, who's on the cover, hehe?)

I may be (deliberately?) misremembering here, but I'm quite certain that pre-"sellout" Sassy magazine dispensed with the kid gloves, publishing blatantly cheeky reviews/write-ups, as did Spike Jonze's Dirt mag. Granted, both were relatively short-lived, but they were, for all intents and purposes, ad-funded corporate glossies, based in a city where they were just as likely to run into members of the bands whom they playfully dismissed.

And of course, many US-based zines (with national distribution) are similarly mocking, *particularly* in their album reviews -- MaximumRockNroll immediately comes to mind. But again, that just leads us back to the question of what constitutes "official" reviews. It's definitely not the incentive of paid compensation, hehehe.

Obviously, an excess of snark would be just grating -- there's always room for the "sharp wit (naks!)", "care (naks!)", and "thought (naks! naks!)" you mention. Which is precisely why I ought to read your Rivermaya review before I say anything more, I guess.

PJC said...

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, I'm possessed of a chronic inability to shut my brain off, in the presence of anybody who's equally intellectually gifted. But worry not -- I'm happily involved with a much better half, so I don't forsee any untoward pairings happening, even if I continue to recklessly shoot off my mind-jism.

Having said that, you can read more of my writing over at -- I post as "ipis dei" (but of course). My girlfriend Claire uses "fartiste" as her monicker. And our pal Matthew is "boy tusok". Please check it out, if you have nothing better to do!

Kristine F. said...

Recovering from yesterday's pissy events, I am reading my reply and kicking myself in the head (I am very limber) because that last paragraph sounded threateningly flirty. So, um, no offense, Ipisboy, but I wasn't suggesting anything.

Margie said...

Such fun! This is better than stealing.