Sunday, November 28, 2010

One Year Later

So, it's been a while. Over a year, actually, since I last posted here. I've been more active elsewhere online (see "Luis, Elsewhere" on the right). I thought it was time to update this blog, though, especially since it still turns up first when you run a Google search on my name.

Anyway. There have been changes, personal and professional, over the past year or so. The personal changes are quite significant, but I don't want to get into them here. Professionally, things are going well. I am the Executive Editor of the revamped UNO magazine, which if I may be so immodest, consistently showcases some of the best writing on the stands. Am still writing about music, though this time for the Philippine Star -- my column, "Senses Working Overtime," comes out every Friday.

I have a second collection of stories and a second collection of essays in the works, and am editing an anthology of fiction entitled Isolation Remembers What Repetition Forgets.

My hamster passed away but I may get a cat soon.

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