Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back in the Fun Machine

Thanks to Aimee M's posts on Thundercats and Silverhawks*, I ended up going on a short 80s cartoon opening theme spree on YouTube. As a kid, I used to put a tape recorder in front of the TV speakers so I could record my favorite themes. Here's my Top 5!

(I left out Japanese giant robots because they really deserve their own post. And yes, I realize that most if not all of these cartoons were never on Saturday Fun Machine. I just love that name so much: Saturday Fun Machine. Genius.)

5. Mighty Orbots

Admit it, until you saw that intro again, you had totally forgotten about these guys. (I love that disco-clap bit after they introduce Bo and Boo.) This series had fantastic animation, but I really can't remember any of the stories, and I never liked the designs of the guy robots, who were too goofy-looking for my discerning grade school tastes.

4. Spaceketeers

The only instrumental on this list. I guess the Force Five folks couldn't be bothered to do an English translation of the lyrics. Even as kids we wondered why these people rode around outside their ships like idiots. I remember I had a toy of the big fat green one with a dial on his belly though.

3. Captain Future

Big in Germany, apparently. This might never have shown on local TV. A lot of these series I watched on Betamax compilations rented from Angie's Video House in Paranaque.

2. M.A.S.K.

'Cause Spectrum's got such super visionnn... MASK! Extended version here!

1. Captain Harlock

Whether they had giant robots or not, Japanese cartoons were a huge part of my formative years. That can't be good. Take to the skyyyyy...

I just noticed that the Captain Harlock vid ends with him winning a duel by stripping his female opponent naked with one sword-stroke. Thanks Japan!

*NOTE: I think I actually preferred the concept and designs of the Silverhawks over the Thundercats, when I was a kid (Cheetarah being the exception, of course. There's no improving on that.) Even the Silverhawks' rogues gallery (sorry, I meant "intergalactic mob") was well-designed -- check it out!

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