Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fixing the Radio

Will be a guest on Mikey Abola's radio show tonight, Friday, May 23, 7 PM. Tune in to RJ 105.9 to hear us discuss... well, I'm not sure really. Music and stuff! I get to suggest songs so you'll hear some of my favorite stuff mixed in along with some of the station's standards. If I get my way, we'll be playing Drip, Ciudad, Up dharma Down, Taken By Cars, etcetera. And we'l probably be talking about the Pinoy rock scene and music journalism, though I'm not sure. Expect long awkward silences, baseless accusations, freestyle rapping, on-air games of tic tac toe, and Barbara Cartland quotations.


Kristine said...

free-style rapping?! man, now i feel bad i missed it.

Luis K. said...

Yes, freestyle rapping. Because that is how we roll.