Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sci-Fi High

My fellow science fiction fans: our favorite concepts may not be fictional for long! Of course this is not news -- we've been living in a sci-fi world for at least a couple of decades now, which is partially why it's so hard to write in the damn genre. But anyway! Had a blast reading a couple of brief interviews on the NYT book blog with Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics and author of Physics of the Impossible (hideous cover design, but still), on what may or may not be possible in the near future. I love it whenever he says that "There’s nothing in the laws of physics preventing it," whether he's talking about force fields or light sabers. "Einstein’s equations, believe it or not, do allow for time travel." Goosebumps, I swear. Read here and here.


wysgal said...

That book cover does remind me of some of the really cheesey 80s fiction from no-name authors you'd find in Booksale.

Thor Bee said...

That looks like the TARDIS hopping from one wormhole to another. Cover pa lang, sold na sa akin!

Luis K. said...

Hi wysgal! Cheesey, definitely. :) Though some 80s book cover graphic design does make me pleasantly nostalgic. Then again, memories of last week make me pleasantly nostalgic.

Hi Thor! Hooray for Doctor Who! :D Though I hear the new companion isn't up to snuff... :(