Wednesday, May 31, 2006

BURN Like That

Here are a couple of links to things that have nothing directly to do with BURN the magazine, but which remind me of it anyway, because of the titles and the music connection and various other less easily explained reasons. Go here and download Rainer Maria's "Burn," an excellent song. Then go here and read "Desire to Burn," a short essay about poetry, Kurt Cobain, and "the true lesson of creativity".

She believes if she could only overtake
The riding rhythm of things,
Of her own electrons,
Then she would be at rest
If she could forget school,
Climb the tree,
Be the tree,
Burn like that.


Kristine said...

You might be interested in visiting this site for a cover of "In A Big Country" by Dashboard Confessional. Personally, I can't stand that crybaby but his version is fairly decent. Mainly because Carabba is doing his best Rivers Cuomo impersonation.

kurosaki ichigo said...

Hi! This comment is inappropriate for this post but I'm desperate.. Hehehe... I saw your post "Matrimony By The Sea". I posted my comment their but since it is already archive you might not be able to see it.

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kurosaki ichigo said...

Ooopss.. I just read my post and there were so many spelling and grammatical errors.. Sorry for that...
Haven't had my coffee yet.
Thanks. =)

kurosaki ichigo said...

I forgot my email.. hehe
Thanks again!

Thor Bee said...

Thanks for the Rainer Maria link. Burn on!