Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tuesday Morning Listening

Five songs that have vastly improved the quality of my life this Tuesday morn:

Time Stops - Teenage Fanclub

From their new album. Are these bastards actually getting better with age? This is just as catchy as most of their insanely catchy back catalog, but tinged with melancholy and a kind of just-awakened hazy freshness.

We Are Right For Each Other - Julie Plug

From an incredibly underrated Fil-Am band. Don't even know if these guys are still together (their website was last updated in 2004, apparently), but everything I've ever heard by them is fantastic pop-rock fare.

The Robots In My Bedroom Were Playing Arena Rock - The Soft Lightes

Sounds primitive and futuristic, at the same time. And hey, one of the best -- and most oddly appropriate -- song titles ever.

Dito Tayo Sa Dilim - Pedicab

They call it dunk (danceable punk), apparently. The recorded version actually manages to capture the sweaty immediate fun of their live renditions! And hey, I'm thanked in the album's liner notes, so you know it's gotta be good. ;p

Krafty - New Order

I should be tired of this song by now, but the chorus still makes me smile. Also, I had a dream last week where I met a girl who looks like the girl in the video. Which has basically nothing to do with the song, but I just thought I'd mention it.


Robyn said...

Listening to Julie Plug right now, sounds good! Can't seem to play that Soft Lighties song but sounds intriguing. Is there anywhere I can hear some Pedicab songs?

Luis K. said...

Hi Robyn! I think the Music (for Robots) link has expired... How does one post mp3 files for download on one's blog? :) Or maybe I could just e-mail you?