Monday, January 16, 2006

"Sheffield Shanty" by Monkey Swallows the Universe

Ah, yes: not two minutes after I post about my Favorite Songs of 2005, I come across an early candidate for my 2006 list. It's a lovely, spare acoustic number, beautifully sung; faintly reminiscent of Kings of Convenience, but with a female lead vocalist, and a sly nod to Paul Simon near the end. Go here and download "Sheffield Shanty." You'll thank me.


Head in the clouds think I said...

Just been browsing for Sheffield, and came across your gushings bout 'Sheffield Shanty', so I thought I'd take a peek, and very glad I did too! Don't know if your from the Ol' Steel City yourself, but cheers for introducing me to not only a song that makes my usually despised place of residence something gorgeous, but a new favourite band! x

Luis K. said...

Hello, Sarah! Glad you dropped by. :) No, am not from Sheffield -- in fact, I wouldn't even be able to point out its general location on a map (but that's not surprising; am so geographically inept that I can't locate entire continents on a map). Am from sunny Manila.

Glad you liked the song, too. Listened to it over and over yesterday. It's soothing, almost hypnotic, yet not wallpaper-bland, you know? :)

Luis K. said...

Correction: am from Quezon City, which is in Metro Manila, which is different from Manila (Manila is in Metro Manila). Yes. If this is all rather confusing, don't worry. People tend to refer to Metro Manila as just "Manila" anyway. Yay!